"The high price per pound is, hands down,
the foremost benefit to producers." Nicki Lisa Cole


In the global coffee industry, fragmented and distributed value chains make it extremely challenging for farmers to effectively and equitably participate in high value-added specialty coffee markets.

We address these challenges by engaging in direct trade, which significantly reduces the costs associated with sourcing high-quality beans and selling high-quality roasted coffee.

As we connect committed networks of coffee consumers, roasters and farmers, we also commit to returning a fixed percentage of the retail price of each bag of coffee to the farmer:

  • Farmers to 40 means farmers get 40%
  • Farmers to 30 means farmers get 30%
  • Farmers to 20 means farmers get 20%

This way, discerning customers know what share of their coffee dollars is going to the farmers responsible for growing the coffee they are buying.