Finca Los Pinos

"Behind every cup, there is a forest and river to protect, a climate to preserve, many hardworking hands, and a planet to care for."

Byron Corrales (left) with his daughter and father at Finca Los Pinos

 Finca Los Pinos (1400 meters) is an organic coffee farm located in the Arenal Nature Reserve in Matagalpa. The farm has been in the Corrales family for three generations. Byron Corrales, who is currently at the helm, is known internationally for his Maracaturra coffee.

Byron has been an advocate and ambassador for sustainable agricultural practices throughout Central and South America since the 1980s. His approach is based upon leveraging nature’s energy and he often talks (at length) about the how nature’s energy can nourish our bodies and how we must make the conscious decision to embrace what nature has given us, and to live responsibly.

Byron regularly welcomes delegations of interested coffee stakeholders from near and far (growers, customers, etc.) and believes that knowledge should be free and shared widely. Only when the masses begin to think and act differently in their relationships with nature will there be a return to a more peaceful co-existence with the Earth. 

Respect for nature is found in every bean grown by Finca Los Pinos.

Finca Los Pinos Coffee - Citrus notes introduce a well balanced cup with a clean, long lasting finish (86+)

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