Buyers Club Toolbox

Initial Invitation Email Template:


I am sending you this email to invite you to join a Buyers Club that I am leading on behalf of Farmers to 40 and Grounds for Empowerment, a specialty coffee program that focuses on selling excellent coffee sourced from amazing farmers with 100% transparency.

A bit more information about Farmers to 40 and Ground for Empowerment (GFE):

“Our name says it all.  Farmers invest their time, skill and effort to grow high quality, organic coffee. We compensate them by returning 40% of each bag’s retail price directly to the farmer who grows the beans. GFE is a three year incubator program that provides promising women specialty coffee growers opportunity to reach their economic potential. Our friends at Social Enterprise @ Goizueta is brewing up this idea, and can’t wait to share our coffee with our Buyers Clubs.”     

If you would like to be added to my monthly Buyers Club email list, please respond to this email with your confirmation. To place your order, visit (Custom Buyers Club Portal URL) before the 20th of each month. Then, around the beginning of each month, look for another email from me for information on where and how to pick up your coffee.


Thank you,


Your Name





Q: Do I collect any money from the members of my Buyers Club?

A: No. You send members a custom URL to your Buyers Club Portal. They place their orders and make their payments directly on our website.

Q: How do I know which coffee a specific member ordered? 

A: When your coffee is shipped each month, we email you a distributioin list with the names of all members and their respective coffee orders.