Raoul Hall Buyers Club

Raoul Hall Buyers Club

PAUSE FOR ONE MOMENT: You should only purchase Farmers to 40 coffee from this page if you are a part of the Raoul Hall Buyers Club. To visit our public online store, CLICK HERE

If you are interested in joining this Buyers Club, please get in contact with Raj Ramakrishnan (raj.ramakrishnan@emory.edu).

PLEASE NOTE: We roast and ship coffee the last week of every month, with orders sent to the roaster on the 20th of each month. Orders received after the 20th, will be fulfilled in the following month. (e.g. An order placed on January 21 will be roasted during the last week of February, for delivery by March 1.)

Coffee is $10 per 12 oz. bag (plus $2 to cover tax and delivery) for buyers club members.

Please refer to emails from Raj for specific pickup instructions.

Thanks for being part of Brian's Farmers to 40 Buyers Club!