News & Updates from the Team

Off to a great start...

In 2012, Farmers to 40 secured a very limited quantity of beans to run a pilot of our direct trade program. Happily, the demand for our product exceeded our expectations; customers received and enjoyed Farmers to 40  coffee through March 2013, when we depleted our supply of coffee beans.

As we progress to our next phase, we have learned that:

  • our customers overwhelmingly approve of the high quality and great taste of Farmers to 40 coffee
  • our partners at Steady Hand work extremely hard to make the best possible roast for every single bag
  • our customers appreciate a seamless process when purchasing and receiving coffee
  • our partner farms in Nicaragua are eager to continue a relationship with the Emory community


If you were one of our first customers, we greatly appreciate your support of our program and look forward to fulfilling your future coffee orders!