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Farmers to 30 coffee is now available in Candler Park Market

Farmers to 30?

For several months, we have been thinking long and hard about the following two scenarios:

  • Scenario #1: A coffee drinker goes to the Farmers to 40 website and orders a bag of coffee. She pays $10 and then pays to have it shipped to her door. We ensure that 40% of the $10 amount goes to the farmer who grew the beans.
  • Scenario #2: Another coffee drinker goes to Candler Park Market and picks up a bag of Farmers to 30 coffee. She pays $14 and walks home with her coffee. We ensure that 30% of the $14 goes to the farmer who grew the beans.

Which is a better scenario? 

  • Both customers are drinking the same great coffee from the same great farms.
  • Both farmers are getting a similar return on their time and effort - $4.00 per bag in the first scenario and $4.20 per bag in the second.
  • Both customers know exactly how much of their coffee spend is going back to the farmer.

We decided that rather than trying to figure out which scenario is better, we’d simply offer both options, and allow more interested coffee drinkers to buy from and support more great coffee farmers.

To ensure that we are still 100% committed to 100% transparency, we have introduced a second brand and logo – Farmers to 30.

In the coming months, we hope to see many of you and your friends back at the website placing your Farmers to 40 orders. For those who live in or near Candler Park (Atlanta), we will be just as happy seeing you buy Farmers to 30 coffee from Greg and his team at Candler Park Market.